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BALANCED APPROACH offers businesses, municipalities and school districts with Strategic Sustainability Services to conserve resources, establish cost efficiencies and enhance health and wellbeing. BALANCED APPROACH also provides hands-on assistance with identifying and obtaining financial incentives including rebates, public financing and grants, as well as certifications and awards.

A Portfolio of Strategic Sustainability Services:

  • Sustainability (Energy/Water/Waste) Assessments

  • Sustainability Program Development and Management

  • Greenhouse Gas Inventories & Climate Action Planning

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Program Development

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Reporting

  • EPA Portfolio Manager Benchmarking

  • Extended Producer Responsibility R&D

  • Stakeholder Trainings & Engagement

Shea Cunningham, MPP, LEED GA
Chief Sustainability Officer/Executive Strategist
310 663 9749